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Today I attempted to unplug from social media. With the political climate and thoughts and beliefs of everyone with a platform, meaning the world, it is truly telling of our education system. The message of a movement is sometimes lost in ideas that have been embedded from infancy. And today after a lifetime of lies and clever ways of lessening sub-humane conditions, we can no longer continue to keep them concealed. We are a nation now faced with truths we no longer can pretend don’t exist. Truth and change is hard and uncomfortable, but it is also telling.

LinkedIn has now become the professional Facebook where political ideologies are spouted through misinformation in the form of patriotism. Today I read “America was not built on fear. Our nation was built on determination and mission accomplishments … The American dream has become a nightmare.”

In 2020, we have seen the public lynching of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and in Houston, we’ve found 2 men hanging from trees within the last 5 days. And these are the ones that have been publicized. As we move in the direction of equality, the understanding of the movement is imperative. The Black Lives Matter movement is not to disassociate or degrade other ethnicities or nationalities. It is a movement that has spawned from 450 years of inhumane inequality. It is a movement to convey and reiterate that we are a disenfranchised race that has been systematically oppressed from the time our ancestors were ripped from the motherland of Africa. We are only 66 years removed from segregation and 155 years from slavery. We are still being lynched in broad daylight and obvious murders are still a subject of debate and that debate is why protests are occurring.

I am not a Leftist or a Rightist; I’m a I don’t care what you do with your personal life, because it’s yours, but stop taxing so much of my money and misusing it for the advancement of already privileged people-ist. Moreover, I am also a person who can read. To say America was not built on fear is to completely erase 400 years of slavery and justify the actions of slave owners as good behavior for the monetary advancement of this country. That’s bullshit. This country was built off slaves, my ancestors, then their intellect, physical attributes and inventions appropriated. The belief that the American dream is becoming a nightmare is to unconsciously acknowledge privilege and understand the divisiveness of systematic oppression all while selfishly understanding in order to level the playing field will undoubtedly alleviate privileges you claim you do not have.

This movement is for the advancement and equality of our Black and Brown people. To rebuttal Black Lives Matter with anything is else is to not only be out of touch, but it is to ignore the fact that the racial playing field is not level.

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