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Nobody Cares

What is it about a person that has confidence in themselves? It's beautiful, powerful, and sometimes even sexy. It is a mystique that illuminates through them and flows in their passions; whatever that passion or dream may be. Many times, they don’t even know it’s confidence because this is just who they are. But attracts them to the notion to not put in the effort to digest someone else’s opinion of them, and just be? It’s as if they give themselves the courage to have the liberty of authenticity.

In women, it is an even more radiant aura. The kind that shines on others and liberates them from the shackles of their own insecurities and pressures. Furthermore, in businesswomen, it is an even more authentic notion to just simply be and do.

Hosanna Rull exemplifies this notion to the fullest. The daughter of a former boxer, she, herself is a Boxer, Jiu Jitsu practitioner, and now the owner of a website design/photography business that is thriving. After recently celebrating the 4th year anniversary of her company, iRull Designs, and decades of being a competing and active combative artist, she can now say she has achieved success in and out of competition. Exceeding monetary expectation, consistently happy with finished products of web designs & photo shoots and, in some cases, she is forced to turn down work , Rull is the architect of her success and her schedule.

Working for herself and being her own boss was done by accident. After graduating from The Art Institute of Houston and American Intercontinental University for a BFA , and working freelance sporadically, word of mouth became her primary source of marketing. By happenstance, her unofficial business started to leave a mark. "I just remember saying to myself 'if I’m this busy without trying, how busy would I be if I tried?'" And with careful and thoughtful execution, iRull Designs was born.

Her company blossomed from a simple idea of doing exactly what makes her happy to being the creative professional hired to make sense of the scattered, spider-webbed ideas of other fellow artists.

Rull is the photographer for El Tigre Promotions and Next Fight Up, two of Houston’s top boxing promotions. Additionally, she is the fight poster designer for Fury Fighting Championship, Submission Hunter Superfights, Third Coast Grappling, Savarese Promotions, and freelance photographer for Premier Boxing Championship (PBC) and Main Event Promotions. On top of that, she has her website design photograph business that continually keeps her immersed in her craft. Now working with the combat artists she once watched on television, her professional and fight life has now come full circle. “I remember watching Alfonso fight in 2010 at the Humble Civic Center, and now I work for his promotion.”

Growing up seeing the likes of Ann Wolfe, Mike Tyson, Layla Ali, Arturo Gatti and more, Rull has grown up watching gladiator-like battles and breathtaking knockouts. Now, having a perfect ringside seat, she has witnessed upcoming talent as well as world class athletes in the square circle and the cage. Not many people have the ability to say they've seen and been part of the growth of a person and their career. She’s witnessed Miguel Flores go from show openers at Savarese Promotions to MGM Grand PPV fights, Regis Prograis from Golden Gloves to World Champion, and fellow teammates Cody Owens & Cameron Graves from amateurs Garcia Promotions Champions to LFA Professionals. She’s witnessed them go from competing amateur boys to professional combative athletes and that, in itself, should provide her a sense of pride no one can ever take away.

Having the ability to be a successful businesswomen in a world full of people who don't take the risks takes a lot more than just talent. It is courage in oneself, thoughtful consideration of business decisions for the now & future, and, to steal a line from the honorable President Barack Obama, the audacity of hope. It is letting go of insecurities and allowing ambition to supersede the negative thoughts of what could happen. It is to be inspired by yourself and make room for successful possibilities. And to be successful takes a hustle not everyone is born with. “I honestly was just doing what I wanted to do,” Rull added. “I wanted to create websites, fight posters, take photos at fights. I didn’t really expect to grow into the business I have now. I just woke up every day and did what I wanted to do and when money got tough, I was just like, I’ll figure it out eventually. There was no decision to take a risk. I didn’t see it that way at the time. I was just doing what I wanted at the time.”

For people like Hosanna, things like insecurities don’t register the same. For her, it was simply pressure. “I make myself follow some rules I set to keep going; 1. Only worry about what I can control and that is usually just me. 2. Don’t give when my cup is empty. I have no problem saying no. 3. I keep reminding myself every problem has a solution. Just gotta look.”

People like Hosanna don’t see it as taking a risk because they just do. No over thinking, no justifying negative what if’s. Nothing. They simply create themselves as they feel and become who they chose. Many times when the average person does not have that confidence, it is because somehow other ideas of themselves are more important than their own and insecurities are born by the idea of those who couldn't or stopped when they failed. Sometimes people clap when you win and sometimes they cheer when you lose. But at the end of the day, when you're driving home thinking of YOUR day; no one cares. It is you that is ultimately the driver of you and the architect of your next decision.

Your life is all you and for Rull "nobody cares if you win or lose. Yes, you’ll get all these likes on Facebook when you win and your teammates or friend will tell you one thing or the other, but at the end of the day just go for it.” For Hosanna, her mission is to help advise people, especially women, on how to start their own business. “In the past women have had to choose between their career or family and just wait for an opportunity for promotion or an opportunity to do something that makes us happy. Now we are creating our own opportunities while taking care of our families and excelling in our careers.” Hosanna Rull wants everyone to know that you can have it all. All of what you want can be achieved, but the last thing on your mind should be what others think. Nobody really cares. But you do.

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