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February 2020 was the last month of “normalcy” for the country and for the entire world. Trips were planned, Spring Break was fast approaching, and for us Houstonians, The Rodeo commenced. Then suddenly, something happened that not one human would have imagined; a Global Pandemic spread through the world called Corona Virus; affectionately known as The ‘Rona.

Everything shut down. Gyms, restaurants, stores, all athletic activities including MMA, Boxing, NBA, NFL and the like were on hold until further notice. The Rodeo was shut down and for the first time in Houston’s history, we did not have the giant turkey legs, women in Daisy Dukes & cowgirl boots, and any and everything fried; including fried ice cream and Oreos. The world had effectively been put in a time out. 

Before the shutdown commenced, I embarked on something I had no clue what would be the outcome. I was introduced to Kee Eddings from Kizz My Passport at a mixer and discovered Surprise Vacations. I was told there were a few ways to plan my vacation:

  1. Plan the surprise for a loved one knowing all the details.

  2. Give parameters of what I intended, needed and wanted on the trip and be given clues and the destination weeks prior to the trip date.

  3. Finally, give parameters, receive only clues, and be given the destination AT the airport. 

I wanted to truly be surprised and relinquish all control, so #3 was the obvious choice. 

My first 2 clues were weather. So far, it is idyllic and beautiful. I’ll be going on October 2nd, my favorite time of year, and have requested to be in nature with bougie undertone; I call this my Bougie Natural Beauty trip. Although I understand the beauty in connecting with nature, I also love the comfort of a plush bed and central air conditioning :-)

For this trip, I’ve chosen to go alone which is a first for me. I simply want to experience this on my own without feelings and opinions of anyone; even if I do love them. This is my time to reconnect with myself, my ideas, my soul and center my spirit. To abandon all caution that may present itself with a partner and solely be responsible for my own happiness. Though I don’t know the destination of my trip, it is not designed for partying; it is designed to let my spiritual freak flag fly and begin working on my inner canvas. 

I hope you ride with me on this journey.

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Proud of you!!


I'm so excited for you Jazzy!!! I can't wait!!

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