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About the Writer

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What I Do

This section is supposed to be about me, so here goes. I'm awkward, self-conscious, highly critical of myself, fur mama to an awesome pit named Pua, and I have yet to correctly spell BOLOGNA without singing the Oscar Mayer song (I sang said song to complete the aforementioned word). Haha!


But, beyond all that jazz, I'm just Jasmine. I graduated from Texas Tech University with the aspirations of becoming a badass attorney and post-grad I realized I would not fully be happy or fulfilled in that field and the self journey began to now. 


Since that time, I became a badass Mixed Martial Artists (Boxing is included in that, duh), a working professional, chocolate enthusiast, and a writing artist; Also known as a journalist. 

What you read here, are stories written by me about real people. I wanted to create a space where I can house inspiration. Sometimes I feel people don't realize the inspiration right in front of them. Everyday people with extraordinary stories that deserve to have the light shinned on them. Their stories are relatable and they are interesting people; The People of Interests. 


My desire is that you find not only hope, but the best parts of you are inspired to become the inspiration for someone else that you don't even know is looking at you. Please read, comment, and be humanly brilliant.

My Services

For writing inquiries please email me at

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The People of Interest

latest piece

Zanti Cucina Italiana

"Zanti is a love letter to the European/Italian tradition of gathering around food...Houston is saturated with restaurants, but Zanti undoubtedly is traditionally a la mode." 


My Vagina is Broken

...In a confused state and disheveled edges outside my bonnet, I then woke up and realized my vagina was still broken....

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Jasmine Crawford

Writer, Journalist, Mixed Martial Artist, Dreamer

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